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September 08, 2005


Don S

I can't emphasize enough the damage that is done each time someone in the media calls an anti-zionist an anti-semitic --- its like calling someone who hates the Republican party an anti-American. Mr. Levin is either very ignorant or indeed a Zionist, because his little piece of propaganda is going to feed into Americans' holocaust guilt once again when what Americans should be feeling is outrage against the ultra-right-wing fascism of Israel -- after all, if there can be subtantial anti-Zionist feeling in Israel (and there is), than I don't think the fact that --- as a simply decent, caring human being -- I think it is wrong for Israel to murder Muslim children (as I distinctly remember reading Israel was doing to Palestinian children one week before 9/11 occured), I don't think it means I am an "anti-semite" or a a "jew-hater" as Mr. Levin would love to portray me. I deeply believe that all Jews know it was an invasive, hate-filled thing they did when Zionists (including the Rothchilds, as historically documented in Israeli documents...) created Israel and forced their way into it under the protection of British Israelites after WWII. This country is now suffering for the blind -- and blanket --policy we have that forces us to never -- heaven-forbid -- criticize Israel, or even any Jew at all, for that matter. How can a people that claim to believe that any holocaust is a horrible thing have turned a blind eye on so MANY genocides in the past few years, including the one they themselves know impose against the Arabs. You hated fascists, now you are them, and ignorant, trend-following American Liberals are too stupid to recognize that fact. Shame on you, for supporting death and murder for a religious cause -- and for taking all the rest of the world down with you. Oh, and one more thing --- it may not reach newspapers, but some of us do read the wire services, and have noted --AND DISEMINATED -- U.S. wire service reports on FBI arrests of Jewish Israeli operatives carrying weapons and bomb-making material in this country. May you die at your own hands before you kill all the rest of us....

moshe liber

is America’s greatest failure in this so-called “war on terror?” It’s our
lack of intelligence – our inability to penetrate these extremists cells,"
you cant walk around the arab or islamic warld waring raiban glasses and axpect to gader intaligance, that is so naive

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