October 14, 2005



I think Rabbi Cooper is a Jerk! How dare he make judgements against a group of people.


Cooper was a great sport, it's not often you have someone with his intelligence and stature participate in a movie screening panel. Those who took his statements offensively were missing the point.


I'm amazed how people equate intelligence and stature with being a Rabbi. Just because he's a "Rabbi" doesn't give him a free pass to denigrate the moslem people. I can't wait to see this film, but I hope it's more fair in it's portrayal of our people than Cooper was.

Terry Lee

C'mon, I wasn't there (wish I was) but the real point being missed here that Mr. Levin is trying to get across is that dialogue can and should happen between all of us. I look forward to his film because it sounds like he allows that to happen, dialogue between diverse peoples.

Dave Turell

I saw SlAM and that TV show Street Time, I'm hoping this movie lives up to those... bought my tix at the Angelika for this weekend!


I plan on being at the premiere on Friday night, but as a protester. I've seen these posters around town, I will not support a film that pretends like Jews actually died on 9-11.

Ellin Burke

It's too bad that Darren D'Addario couldn't concentrate on the "scattershot documentary" Protocols of Zion. Perhaps if he had paid more attention, he would have seen the rational and logical route taken by the filmmaker to try and follow the irrational and illogical rants and raves of the widely diverse anti-semitic community.  And he even might have been able to correctly identify the director Marc Levin. It's one thing to completely misunderstand the film you are reviewing;  at least you can try and get your facts straight.

Henry Makow

You jews are hurting your own cause by publicizing this work which will arouse interest and cause people to investigate.


James Capsinell

Read the TIME OUT review of this film, I haven't yet seen the film, but I have to agree with ms. Burke, how can this guy be paying attention to a film where Mr. Levin has such a prominent role and not even know his name. OOOPS! Can't wait to see what all the fuss is about tomorrow.


Tracing the thread of human geneology further: according to the bible, Shem is not the earliest father. Adam and Eve had several other offspring following the Kain/Abel disaster. Noah is actually a descendent of their youngest son, Shet.

certainly explains some of the more 'Shetty' comments...


Henry Makow,

Your website is a bunch of propaganda written by some guy without ANY truth. People ought to search for the facts! But the ACTUAL facts! Not some stupid website with opinions, prejudice, and made up stories...

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