October 22, 2005


Kevin lieber

Saw the movie this afternoon. As a fellow Jew I was deeply touched. Mr. Levin my kudos to you for taking such an important subject and not only making it accessible but also entertainging at the same time. I'm going to tell everyone I know to see this film, as I think it's important for as many people as possible to see that the people portrayed in the film are real and have power and influence.

Stephen Francis

Awesome Awesome Awesome! What a great film! Frank Weltner is a jerk-off. Marc, you exposed him and everyone else for the idiots they are.

Pete Krakofski

I loved this film. Funny, scary, sad, informative. My only criticism is that it wasn't long enough, could have listened for hours to the outlandish and scary things the characters in this film had to say. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD.

Michael Debrunner

Has anyone looked at the last names of those people giving this film a good review on this blog? C'mon people just admit the conspiracy is alive and well!!!!

Joanne Harris

First off I'd like to also say I thought this was a great film. I went with my family on Sunday and was really moved. While I felt there were maybe too many facets of this topic covered in the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it sparked quite the Sunday night Dinner conversation in my household.

Second Mr. DeBrunner PLEASE go see this movie. Look at my last name sir, are you for real?


Hi Marc,
Do you want to try to show the film in Hungary?
I have someone there interested. Write.

Rex Gutstein

This was a very irresponsible piece of propaganda. How can you do a movie about this topic and ignore the very substantial evidence that elements of the US government were complicit in the attacks of 9/11? There is no evidence that I am aware of that "jews did it" and no informed, rational person would ever make that claim. Equating "conspiracy theorists" (anyone who questions the official story) to anti-semites is a morally reprehensible, irresponsible thing to do. No wonder your film got distributed--it perfectly plays into acceptable controversies that do not threaten any structural foundations. As far as I'm concerned, it appears that there is a conspiracy to promote the perception of widespread anti-semitism and to smear any opponents or credible critiques with that label.

First of all, why is there no mention of the Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. which is an obvious root of the various "no jews died" rumors? They moved out a week before 9/11. Was that a little bit "too real" to include? Hey, you could still have said that they scheduled the move six months in advance--it doesn't sound that bad!

Wake up you lazy, self-deceiving leftists. It's not about anti-semitism. It's about anti-fascism from whatever race or religion it may manifest!

Learn the facts before you make a movie and then f***ing include them for your audience. Do not deceive people--that is about as fundamental as"go do good."


Jane Cooper

You must be joking Mr. Gutstein. The Prime Minister of Malaysia and Malik Shabazz did make these claims about the Jews. Are they not important enough people to believe in these rumors to make you realize it's not just the fringe lunatics?


Rex Gutstein

This movie is a piece of propaganda whether conscious or not.

The "no jews died/jews did it" angle is a fringe, urban legend, neo-nazi position.

The 9/11 Truth Movement on the other hand, is a highly researched, fact-based, rational movement. Our position is that the evidence points to complicity in the attacks of September 11th at the highest levels of the US government. The filmmaker, by equating these two completely unrelated positions, completely deceives his audience. (By the way, the concept that a select few in the elite intelligence community from other nations, including Israel, were also likely aware of the plot or even in on it, does not make one an anti-semite)

The film also deceptively leaves out the REAL stories that may have led to such ridiculous rumors as "no jews died":

The filmmaker seems to imply that the "celebrating Israelis" and "Israeli art student" stories are easily debunked, when in fact those stories are based in fact:




The New York Times report that 1 Israeli died in the WTC and 2 on the planes:

Learn your facts. I will not call you an ASSHOLE as you did to me, I will only say that you seem to be IGNORANT and DELUDED.

Jane Cooper

Did you not read my simple and to the point post? You claim that "The 'no jews died/jews did it' angle is a fringe, urban legend, neo-nazi position." Yet you won't respond to the fact that this was said by not only the leader of the Million More March Malik Shabazz, but the Prime Minister of Malaysia, that it was in the headlines of the Turkish newspapers, and that your average youth in many Arab and European countries actually believes it. Are you afraid that if this is a rumor people believe that it will ruin YOUR conspiracy theory? Give me a break, the people I just mentioned aren't just fringe, neo-nazi's as you suggest, and if you still believe that, then you are blind to your own ignorance.

Denis Mikaelovitch

I haven't seen the film but i can't wait! I'm sure you know of this but if you don't -- Idi Amin, Africa's poster-child for dictators, talks about the protocols book in the classic documentary by Barbet Schroeder.


Following Criticism from Mel Gibson's father, Jews Agree To Give Up Control of the world. Please follow this link to view this important news release.



Following Criticism from Mel Gibson's father, Jews Agree To Give Up Control of the world. Please follow this link to view this important news release.



Does anyone know WHAT the audio tape played at the beginning of the trailer is? Who made it, etc?

I investigate this sort of thing and have never heard it.


victoria larrain

Hello Marc and congratulations for your fil of zion I could not beleive it. You did have your dream How do i contact you
Victoria from Chile

vicky larrain

great film Markito, great y saw it in hbo, y do want to contact you for a film documentary in chile please anwser.
Vicky Vicito larrain from chile lot of love after so many years oh my god

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Zack Pittman

I loved the documentary. I am a Sociology Major at USM and I am using part of this for a paper on White Supremacists. I am also Jewish and if I could ask Mr. Levin one question it would be, How are you able to keep your cool as other people are badmouthing the Jewish people, especially the person from the National Alliance?

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