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November 07, 2005



there's a simple Achilles hill to all conspiracies: a good conspiracy requires EVERYBODY to be loyal to the same cause whereas it takes only one reliable source to break it. no way can the US government pull off such an elaborate conspiracy and shut EVERYBODY up about it. They're not sophisticated enough.

I wonder if someone out there can point us to a similar case (in magnitude) that was formally exposed as a conspiracy?

Rex Gutstein

What about the conspiracy of this capitalist system? What about the conspiracy of destroying the environment and keeping the effects out of the mind of the public? Those conspiracies have been going pretty strong for a while now. Sure, some people question them, but overall, the conversation (media) doesn't include truly alternative viewpoints.

Conspiracies are structural and institutional. People don't generally speak out for the same reason you don't quit your job and start protesting all the injustices you see.

And some people do speak out. They just aren't heard. One reliable source!? We've got plenty of those!

Morgan Reynolds, former Bush administration economist:

Anyway, I've laid out my case and links to a wealth of information in previous posts.

The basis of anti-conspiracy thinking is the comforting illusion that there can be no huge illusions or deceptions, no big lies. It is the herd mentality; if it was true, if there was really evidence of such things, then everybody would know, they wouldn't be able to keep it secret, it would already be common knowledge.

What it comes down to is your threshold of credulity and your own fortitude in thinking for yourself and believing in your own conclusions. It ain't easy being different.

Huh? Why were several of the 9/11 hijackers reported alive by the BBC? Why didn't that story get any play in the US? Why was it never followed up? Just a nugget of cognitive dissonance for all you "skeptics" out there:


We present facts. You present hypocritical tautologies, group think, and epithets.

Goodnight America...


Colin Santangelo

My name is Colin Santangelo and I am a junior at Boston Latin School, where I take a Facing History and Ourselves course which looks at stereotyping and hatred of all peoples throughout history and its basis. By taking the class, students seek to understand why people hate, etc. My teacher, got me a ticket to Protocols of Zion film knowing that I would be interested (which I was).
My question was this:
Obviously, religion plays a large part in the film; it helps foment many of the ideas and opinions people you interviewed had, it justifies actions of these people, and throughout history, differences over religion have fuelled violend and hatred. You also spoke in the film to the man who runs the website Jew Watch. This man spoke of how he was a separatist and wants to maintain cultural identity, etc. While I would not go in any way as far as he did, I for one am a proponent of intercultural and interracial relationships, I also think it is important that cultural identities and history of peoples be kept as a record for future times. Do you think that to heal these divisions and stop this hatred we are seeing we will need to lose such distinct cultural and religious boundaries? Would it be possible to keep up our current level of cultural differences and uniqueness and all love one another? Do you even find this an important issue, i.e. do you see an amalgamation of cultures to be more rewarding for humanity? Do you think the world must become more secular to achieve this type of unity? Would it be possible to keep national and cultural identity while losing only religious identity? Would this help?
I know there are a lot of questions embedded in there, which is in part why I didn't want to ask you post-film, as they were kind of hustling us out the door (also you seemed to want to go have a drink with some high school buddies of yours). I would really like to know your viewpoints on these issues.

All are free to answer this question; in fact, I would love to have many different responses. Feel free to email me your opinions. My email is [email protected]

Rex Gutstein

Eh, Marc

"I believe the 9/11 attack was a terrorist conspiracy planned by Osama Bin Laden, as he bragged on video tape,"

Check this out:


You've got to admit that Osama looks different in the confession tape than. Just give me your reaction to this, please. This is just one tidbit.

Oh, yeah, I bet you never heard about the October 16, 2001 Bin Laden interview with Pakistani daily 'Ummat'. In that interview he says:

""I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle."


Things are not as simple they would like you to believe.

Stephanie Brady

As an American Ex-Pat living in London, I am continually reminded of how ridiculous and naive the American people are believed to be, by most of the rest of the world.
As a graduate student working in branch of academia devoted to Ethnic and Cultural Studies, I am constantly questioned by fellow students about the refusal of the American people to stand up and express their dismay with the current administration/war in Iraq/American foreign policy/rampant military spending--the list goes on and on.
My only answer is that as long as the majority of American people have
1. comfort and 2. convenience they will continue to live insular lives. When either of these two categories are compromised in any sort of significant way i.e. natural disaster, rising fuel prices, major national tragedy, suddenly Americans find it in themselves to start to discuss important issues and ask insightful questions. Unfortunately, these discussions and question raising sessions for the most part are ephemeral.
I hope that your film makes people uncomfortable. I hope it makes people question their own beliefs and assumptions, and I hope it builds a platform for discussion. More than anything though, I hope this momentary discussion turns into productive and far reaching dialogue.
I think that more middle schools and high schools need to screen films such as yours and offer teens a post-viewing format for discussion. If discussion starts at an earlier point in a persons life, it has the potential to stay with that person for a lifetime.
Please bring this film to Europe! After watching the trailer and reading your blog, I am quite interested in starting an initiative on my university's campus to screen the film and have post-film discussion. University College London is a highly diverse campus that since its inception has been active in promoting civil liberties and egalitarianism, as well as student activism. I would love to be able to discuss the possibility of bringing this film to London.
If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]
Thank you for your time in reading my commentary,


One: So glad you're telling the story of those happy Israelis and their van. Never heard a followup anywhere about them.

Two: Great poster graphic for the film. Damn, that's good design.

Three: I know there's no connection, but the late cartoonist Will Eisner's final work, on the Protocols,a nofiction graphic-novel type treatment, is due out soon. I hope your film and his book benefit from the publicity from each other.

Patrick L.

On the one hand, there is a lot of entirely-justified scepticism about the mainly-WASP Bush Gang's insultingly threadbare and contradictory account of a vicious crime that has never been investigated. On the other hand, there are quite a few anti-Semitic nuts about. It's a shame that you conflate these two entirely separate issues.

You also write:

"I believe the 9/11 attack was a terrorist conspiracy planned by Osama Bin Laden, as he bragged on video tape..."

Did he? Here in Germany, one of the longest-running and most highly respected current affairs programmes on TV ("Monitor") had the simple idea of giving that Pentagon-translated tape to three independent translators. The results were more than interesting, and have never been reported in the US:


In his article "9/11 and the State of the Union", Jamey Hecht, who happens to be Jewish, says everything worth saying about Thought-Stopper No. 1:


This phrase is among the tireless workhorses of establishment discourse. Without it, disinformation would be much harder than it is. “Conspiracy theory” is a trigger phrase, saturated with intellectual contempt and deeply anti-intellectual resentment. It makes little sense on its own, and while it’s a priceless tool of propaganda, it is worse than useless as an explanatory category. [...]"


Best wishes,

Patrick L.


I'd like to respond to several points raised by previous comments:

1. why people hate?
I think that throughout history religion was always reinforcing natural feelings of fear, uncertainty and "genetic selfishness". all of which are simply "switches" in a primal survival mechanism of the species or the race or the group. when it's not religion it is usually another form of institutionalized explanation (race, nationality, etc.) unfortunately, the easiest way to ensure the survival of one group is to eradicate the other. instead of the termination of other groups around them, the Jews, early on, focused on simply being better or smarter (as a group) than other groups. that in itself is considered a worse crime than common cases of ethnic violence and murder usually equated with "blowing out steam". to make matters worse, the Jews historically and for lack of better alternatives, turned to financial businesses and excelled there. combine the two and you'll understand why it only takes a few successful Jewish bankers to justify a pogrom or why it is usually the easiest way to rally the masses. Hitler's Final Solution was designed to "protect the purity of the Arian Race and save Germany from the financial grip of the Jews" simply becase they did better in the only businesses left for them to practice. I wonder how the Germans would've reacted had the Jews set out on a 14 day ethnic/religious rampage not unlike the one going on in France.

2. why religion?
as I said earlier, institutionalized religion is the easiest organization to get admitted to. most religions require no real test of knowledge, there's no homework and very few rules outside of "school". and the best part: you get to be an instant saint. not so in academic studies or in the Jewish religion. Additionally, religion worships or denounces everything it can't explain. in particular, religion's false monopoly on death is making use of our most ancient and baffling quesiton: "why are we here? what happens after we die?"
since science didn't claim to answer that satisfactorily and since religion appeals first to emotion, most intelligent people in the world (well intentioned or otherwise) have realized that organized religion or the endorsement thereof is their ticket to the hearts of the masses.

3. why mix the two?
hatered is the easiest sentiment. Jesus preached love and look where he ended up...;)
but seriously, it's easy to rally people around things they hate than it is to rally them around the things they love. lastly, you have to follow the money trail. there are people around the world that benefit from crises. they are gun dealers, leaders of developing countries, oil people, some news people, etc. I believe it isn't a conspiracy as much as it is the selfish human spirit in all its splendor.

humans are not that sophisticated. they are simply motivated by very base and very similar desires for power, control, etc.

4. solutions?
I believe that as complex as the problem is the solution is even more intricate. I believe thatmany of the world's ailments are the combined result of the current religious, political and monetary systems around the world. as long as some people have something to gain from hatered, there will be hate.
as long as money is valued more than life - there will be hate.
as long as people are elected based on their capital - there will be hate.
as long as people confuse personal faith with scientific and social theories - there will be hate.
as long as people are afraid - there will be hate.

it's that simple.


I located a song about the Protocols. It is performed by Carl Klang, a Christian patriot songwriter.


Craig Hill

This is directed specifically to Marc Siegel for his response to my email address ~~~

I don't know much about you other than what you've told us on your site and blog. I am a 9/11truth activist (see my website hillsenatenow.org) who uses the political process to spread the facts of 9/11. ONE of which is that i am CONFIDENT that 9/11 was not a Jewish plot, but one orchestrated by the apocalyptic Christian neocons of the Bush administration (for every Jew or Zionist in DC there are 10 evangelical End-Timers embedded within the adminstration).

I have personally corresponded with many 9/11 truth-seekers who blame the whole thing on the Jews, most notably the viscious anti-semite John Kaminski, so that i might disabuse them of their irrational prejudices (and, yes, i am familiar with Dov Zackheim's role as the comptroller of the Pentagon
who misplaced X trillions of dollars and walked away scot-free, and to whom some attribute the masterminding of 9/11).

I base my conclusion that 9/11 was not Zionist-led on the primary fact that for every Dov in the machinations of the adminstration there are SCORES of Donalds and Dicks and Scooters, ETCETERA!!! NONE of whom are Jewish and ALL of whom are as responsible as any equally-guilty Jew in the adminstration for the stand-down of air defense for one hour and fifty-one minutes that morning. Bluntly, neither Ariel Sharon nor the most reprehensibly rightwing Jew in NeoConDom could have controlled the entirety of US air defense that morning, which is what had to have happened, and did, for the resulting attacks to have succeeded. The traitor running wargames designed to confuse any sincere air defense from his revealingly-termed bunker was a Christian, not a Jew. His putative boss is a well-known extremist Christian dingbat. To imagine that the long line of military command, the overwhelming majority of whom were Christians, would have been hoodwinked into allowing Jews to fly Arabs into skyscrapers is, bluntly, stupefyingly idiotic, and reveals the tip of the irrationally imbecilic iceberg we know as anti-semitism.

However: While 9/11 happened the Dancing Israelis indeed did dance on the roof of their van upon setting up their camera to record the destruction of the towers, acc to witnesses and reports from several papers including the notoriously pro-necon NY Times, which, you would think, if "thinking" were actually even occasionally practiced by ziegheiling anti-semites, would have covered up these facts had there been the overarching Jewish cabal described by the deeply foolish as "running our lives". The fact that Michael Chertoff was the guy who sprang the Dancing Israelis from jail and deported them, or that young Israelis atached to embassies operated that day and since around the US in such vans under the guise of "Moving Systems" or "Urban Moving Systems" are also facts impossible to deny by any honest researcher, and ought not be casually dismissed by anyone such as yourself supposedly interested in disseminating facts. I myself have spoken to a 20-something Israeli who was on tour in New England by order of his embassy to defuse speeches by another 20-something refusednik from Israel denouncing the terrible and murderous treatment of Palestinians (anti-semites: Take Note!), neither of whom denied the "Moving System" cover to me.

The bottom line, Marc, is that the Israeli government damn well knew 9/11 was coming down and saw it as the great boon it most definitely desired (hence the dancing). This fact must be weighed by any serious thinker with the fact that the Saudis were in on 9/11 as well, and the Pakistanis, and the Brits, and perhaps many other nations' governments, and i don't hear anyone calling 9/11 a "Muslim cabal" or a "British" one---except in how the Queen is secretly a Rothschild (could anyone imagine that frump plotting with King Fahd? I think not).

So while i share with you a contemptuous disdain for irresponsibly dangerous antisemitic nutcakery in general, as a supposedly responsible fact-presenter YOU must reconcile ALL the facts with your own personal prejudices against the evidence 9/11 was an inside job, or be damned along with the yahoo cover-up traitors riddling DC and the media as the truth continues inexorably to come out, soon, to a tv set near you.

I deeply and sincerely hope you have the integrity to respond to me, specifically via my email. I'd like to help you propagate the facts disproving 9/11 antisemitism, and can, as you'll see once we correspond. But that requires a lot more from you than the superficial treatment you've given the facts so far, which i will have to assume must have been intentional save your sincere reply.

~ Craig Hill

just another dumb goy

This movie is basically what you all would refer to as a chutzpah I believe.

It would be the equivalent of Paris Hilton making a documentary "proving" it was not her in that private video.

Since this movie is obviously mocking those that are struggling every day to fight the lies of the giant mouth piece of the Zionist controlled media. I’m sure as your movie says Rupert isn’t a Jew, but even if he is not every editor in fox is so they have power over what the goyim see.

I wish to now ask you some simple questions why you will probably not address certain events that expose mossads hand in 911.

First WTC 1, 2, 7, were leased to one jew, Larry silverstien. Also ceos of both airliners used that day are jews Donald Carty and Gerald Greenwald, oddly enough you will not address this in your movie I’m sure.

Next issue you will not address in the movie is that no way did an airliner hit the pentagon, of course your argument back will be, what does that have anything to do with mossad and 911?

In response I would like to say that if a 757 did indeed hit the pentagon there would be a very high chance of a survivor to tell the truth as to what was really going on, but instead that risk was removed by totally removing the plane and instead hitting it with something else, and Please don’t play the eye witness card, its really insults my intelligence simply because there were plenty of surveillance cameras that oddly had their tapes confiscated.

Next topic is the fate of flight 93. There was no let’s roll, there was no plane flying towards the dc, the plane was flying northwest, and was actually shot down as debris trail proves.

Next topic of discussion, why do you refer to the five israels as just israelis? They were mossad agents. get it right or is that something you wish to leave out because it better serves to "prove" the protocols fake?

All in all, I was just another dumb brainwashed "goy" until mossad and israel pulled off their little stunt, and I’m hoping that mossad and israels ignorance of the impossibility to control and "edit" the internet spoiled your protocols, and yes you are a zionist, you have it written all over yourself, just my making this pitiful excuse of a movie. But I will go see it for its comical effects also possibly to see the fools…..I’m sorry idiot goyim who believe your lies

Hope to hear from you soon

just another dumb goy

Sorry for the double post, the email for this on is correct


I'll preface my post with the fact that I'm a secular Jewish man and if there's a conspiracy among the Jews to dominate the world, I've been left out of it.

That said, I am disturbed at the disproportionate role Jews have played on the road to Iraq.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) had 25 founding members including heavyweights Cheney, Jeb Bush, Rumsfeld, Bennett. Roughly half of the remaining founding members were Jewish including Libby, Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, etc. You can go to PNAC site and read the names to verify this. PNAC was the foreign policy think tank that spelled out our Iraq policy. Jews are 2% of the US population, but 40% of this small neo-con group.

Your opening post indicates

"I search the web and can find no detailed biography that will shed more light on his religious upbringing or faith"

Well if you simply google "Libby Jewish" you can even find out which temple he attends in DC so do a little bit more homework next time.

Jewish media involvement includes Judith Miller and her Times publisher Ken Sulzberger who published the WMD stories in the New York Times that were instrumental to selling the war.

Major Jewish media talking heads like Bill Cristol & Charles Krauthammer have joined PNAC are major kneejerk supporters of administration and Iraq policy.

What does this prove? Nothing. 70% of Jews vote Democratic so we can't all be in on "the plot". However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be disgusted at the role some Jews are playing in the world.




Not every Jew who works in the White House likes to wear his identity on his sleeve, said Jay Footlik, the Clinton White House's liaison to the Jewish community.

Some of the misapprehension apparently has to do with Libby's persona. His Andover prep school education; his nickname, "Scooter"; and the Jr. tacked onto the end of his full name as it appears in the federal directory ‹ I. Lewis Libby Jr. ‹ seem to indicate a non-Jewish background.

In fact, Libby, 55, for years has been a member of Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, a five-minute drive from his home in McLean.

God Is Supreme

After seeing the film, I thought it waz biased because it didn't talk about Israel's nuclear weapons and it's "right" to develop a FULLY modern military or how Rachael Corrie was bulldozed to death, etc..., by Israel, etc... And then there were the landmines that were left around after the 1967 (I think) lebonan war. Landmines that, to this day, blow up and disfigure palestinians. Perhaps "suicide bombers" were inspired by these landmines?

In the Bible, God called "Israel" a whore for "raping his brothers and sisters (satellite villiges)."

Based on what I can see, wether or not the protocols are true or not, Jews have been historically linked to extreme violence and the means to be violent.

For example, I've heard rumors that the germans enjoyed killing the Jews because the Jews "owned the banks" and, by proxy, oppressed people and took their property. Thus, the slaughter of the jews, I suppose, sybolized freedom.

That sounds a little racist but then the french aristocrats were beheaded and the russian czars were thrown out of power.

In general, the movie, IMO, seemed to be fairly superficial and one sided.

IMO, it doesn't matter if the protocols are true or not. However, I do think that they are still popular because people want to link their oppression and mistreatment to them.

Wether or not the Jews still have the power they did and the ability to assert their power is the question on everyones mind.


"God Is Supreme",

1) Israel has just as much of a right to have nuclear weapons than the U.S. They created them and it is for their protection in case of an emergency, which Israel is NOT the safest nation and is in need of protection.

2) What doesn't give them the right to have a fully modern military,army,etc.? They have stronger armed forces than even the U.S.! Even though they have a smaller amount of people, they still have the best technology.

3) Land mines? Are you nuts? First of all if there were any left then there were very little. Second do you think they made palestinian targeting land mines??? Those land mines are just as likely to blow up Jewish people as they are Palestinian people!

4)I would like to know of which verse you refer to about God calling the Jews whores. And if you would like to use the Bible, I PROMISE I can find you 3 times as many verses of God being harsh on Gentiles for every verse you can find of God being harsh on Jews. So don't EVER use comments and verses like that if you ever want to call yourself a Bible scholar or even someone who knows anything about the Bible.

5) Give me some facts that you've seen (without making anything up) where the Jewish people have shown themselves to be linked to extreme violence and the means to be violent. Because I know historically I can prove you're wrong compared to the violence shown from every other group of people in history. And you example is only propaganda. You'll find no proof for your example of Jewish oppression of Germans except for possibly a few cases which weren't out of the ordinary compared to all the German oppression. You won't find Jews all over Germany opressing others no matter how much history you look at unless you are reading an anti-semetic book.

6) When did the Jews ever have this power you speak of? They never controlled the world like Rome or even had the influence the U.S. has today except possibly back in the early times of the Old Testament.

No offense but I think you are one-sided...

God Is Supreme


"What doesn't give them the right to have a fully modern military,army,etc.?"

Then why not the palestian and muslim states? What's fair is fair unless the Jews are following a protocol for world domination.

"Israel has just as much of a right to have nuclear weapons than the U.S."

Then why can't Iran or Korea have nukes too? In Michael Moore's movie, Bowling for Columbine, even John Nichols had second thoughts about Nuclear Proliferation.

In fact, Israel's ownership of Nuclear weapons upholds the notion that the "Jewish State" wants to have "power and dominion" over others because they refuse to let others have that leverage.

"Land mines? Are you nuts? First of all if there were any left then there were very little."

From the BBC's website, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2581333.stm:

"It's good to once again be involved in a successful project. Since June, more than 22,000 landmines have been removed and destroyed. I can't remember any operation where so many mines had been cleared in such a short period of time."

In my opinion, 22,000 landmines is not a small number and they were removed, I think, in 2002. I've talked to Palestians who came to the United States and it was interesting to hear their side of the story. Of course, commercial media is used to convince people that Israel is a victim and the Palestinians are terrorists. Ho humm. That's why the 9/11 commission says people like myself aren't "juiced up enough" about the war on terror.

"Give me some facts that you've seen (without making anything up) where the Jewish people have shown themselves to be linked to extreme violence"

The war on Iraq which is supposedly predicated on 9/11.

Now, did Isreal, a "Jewish State" have a motive?


Fresh water in Iraq is now being "diverted" to Israel and oil is again flowing towards Israel.

Keith Spicer

Just saw Protocols in Paris -- inspiring, sane, healthy. It gives me hope the world can rise above the tribalisms of race, ethnicity, religion, culture and language that divide -- and threaten -- mankind. Bravo!

greg kessler

I loved the movie. What a great night. You have all of my thanks for climing the mountain and interviewing the guy from National Alliance, too bad you could not get there before Pierce passed away. We are going to review the movie on our sight. Huzzah

Jon Gold

Osama Bin Laden did not benefit from 9/11.

As you said, "what about the Bush-Baker-Saudi oil connection? Or the fact that Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world? And what happened to all the talk of the oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan? What about the Cheney-Rumsfeld military industrial connection to Halliburton and the Carlyle Group? What about George Bush’s oedipal obsession to best his father, and finish the war his dad couldn’t? What about the Christian evangelical impulse to take on a new crusade against the Muslim jihadists? What about Karl Rove’s plan for Bush to run for re-election as a war president? And, of course, what about 9/11 and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction?"

Read this chapter from Paul Thompson's "The Terror Timeline" entitled, "Israel".


To say Israel was involved in 9/11 is no different than saying Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan or the United States was involved. The fact of the matter is, if they were involved, it was people within their Government, not Judaism.

Judaism is a religion, Israel is a country. We don't like the actions of our Government. Does that mean we hate Christianity? Of course not. We don't like the actions of the Israeli Govrernment. Does that mean we hate Judaism? Of course not.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who like to spread the "Zionist" tale... and to be honest, I do believe there are "Zionists" out there. Joseph Lieberman for one. Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, etc... as others...

However, I don't think of "Zionists" as people trying to take over the world. I think of them as people sympathetic to Israel's "plight". Sometimes (most times) moreso than the United States'.

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern has a great acronym for the word, "oil".

O = Oil
I = The Protection Of Israel
L = The Logistical Placement Of Bases In That Region For Future Use

Jon Gold

We would know who committed the atrocities of 9/11 if we had a THOROUGH investigation.

Tim Osman

The author of this blog is lying to himself and it appears he's trying to bullshit the public too. KILLTOWN ain't no shill.


DeLacy Healey

I was lucky enough to see this film at Sundance last year. This is such a beautiful and eye-opening film. I look forward to seeing this film again. I appreciate you making the effort to put these ideas out into a more public view. You are an intelligent man with great insight. Thank you for helping me to learn about something that I knew nothing about beforehand. I hope to see more films from you in the future. Thanks also for the blogs and the continued information. Much appreciated! -DeLacy

Andy Jones

I cant believe you really believe the official story of 911, I guess the fact that Osama originally denied 911 makes no difference. I guess it doesnt even raise suspicions.

You are quite mad I am afraid. We English think its completly obvious, 911 was an inside job, hell our government practically invented state sponsored terrorism.

We were certainly experimenting with bilogical warfare agents on our own people before America even knew what WMD was.

Still I guess its all down your memory hole. Shame.


One quickie: Scooter Libby's real name is Irving Lewis Liebowitz and he is in fact Jewish.

He wrote this book several years back and denotes forced sex with animals. Great morality there.

Akin to Lynn Cheney's book (Sisters) with lesbian themese. That'd be ok, but she stands firmly with dickie as high rollers (their daughter's status notwithstanding).

"The Apprentice" by Lewis Libby

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